Thursday, 4 April 2013

My husband thinks I'm becoming a mother earth

Lets start off with saying, I don't mind him thinking this, I actually take it as quite a compliment :) I am LOVE LOVE LOVING being a mummy and everything that comes with it.
My current mummy 'obsessions' are slings and cloth nappies...hence the mother earth comments.

I have continued to be quite in blogland of late whilst I have been busy enjoying the 1st 6 months of bb's life. However, now my little lady (affectionately nicknamed many names but we'll go with her first one of bb for now) is getting into a better routine at night, I am hoping to be able to restart my crafts and this blog.  There may be a bit of a change in direction, but isn't that how most blogs evolve? I hope that it will be a nice keepsake of memories for me as I change and grow as a mummy, and it will be an added bonus if any one wants to join me and read along.
First on my list of things to make is a simple one.....reusable liners for my new cloth nappies.  The fleece has been washed this morning and is blowing in the breeze on my line now whilst bb sleeps and I attempt to give this blog writing a kickstart (whilst avoiding housework!)
a little pic of my pretty new fleece, hopefully this colour will be forgiving with the poop ;)