Thursday, 4 April 2013

My husband thinks I'm becoming a mother earth

Lets start off with saying, I don't mind him thinking this, I actually take it as quite a compliment :) I am LOVE LOVE LOVING being a mummy and everything that comes with it.
My current mummy 'obsessions' are slings and cloth nappies...hence the mother earth comments.

I have continued to be quite in blogland of late whilst I have been busy enjoying the 1st 6 months of bb's life. However, now my little lady (affectionately nicknamed many names but we'll go with her first one of bb for now) is getting into a better routine at night, I am hoping to be able to restart my crafts and this blog.  There may be a bit of a change in direction, but isn't that how most blogs evolve? I hope that it will be a nice keepsake of memories for me as I change and grow as a mummy, and it will be an added bonus if any one wants to join me and read along.
First on my list of things to make is a simple one.....reusable liners for my new cloth nappies.  The fleece has been washed this morning and is blowing in the breeze on my line now whilst bb sleeps and I attempt to give this blog writing a kickstart (whilst avoiding housework!)
a little pic of my pretty new fleece, hopefully this colour will be forgiving with the poop ;)

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I'm still here!!!!!!

So I have been out of blogland for most of this year and here is the reason why...............

my little bundle of joy was born on 22.09.2012, weighing a healthy 8lb 1oz and we named her Emily Elizabeth. 
I've been lying low on here as I started with pretty horrendous 'morning' sickness in January at 5 weeks pregnant and was subsequently diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  After 3 hospital admissions, one of which included a stay in HDU, and a bout of shingles, the sickness finally started to ease at around 28weeks pregnant.  Although it didn't go completely until after Emily was born, needless to say, I haven't felt up to blogging and have been doing very little crafting too. 
So I have so much to catch up on and hope to work my way through your blogs soon and also start some regular crafting and blogging myself....i'll be back soon xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Ribbon Challenge & my first Blog Hop I'm up to date with last years posts, Happy 2012 everyone.......a little late I know ;)

I am going to try and take part in Crafty Ribbons Challenge Blog this year.  It was something I'd hoped to do when they started it around Sept last year, but in the run up to Christmas I was mega busy and couldn't take any more on.  They have just released their 1st challenge of the year and it's entitled 'New Beginnings''s my entry

The eagled eyed amongst you will recognise it is the cross stitch card I made for the birth of my friends baba it August.  We are currently awaiting the birth of another baby and the name of another newly my fingers will be stitching away soon, but didn't want to miss the challenge.

If you go and have a mooch at the Crafty Ribbons Challenge Blog they are holding a blog hop to promote Crafty Ribbons sale on ribbon packs......the prize for the winner is £20 to spend at Crafty Ribbons....and there are little goodies along the way so go take a peek

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

December Scavenger Hunt

Well this was the last Scavenger Hunt of the year and a challenge was set for a Christmas A-Z....this is how I got on........

A........Angel of the snow variety, made by me :)

B..........Bell, Street Decorations in Iceland

C.........Cranberry Sauce....homemade of course :)

D........Dogs sitting nicely for their candy cane Christmas present from my sister

E........Egils, local Christmas drink in's a malt drink mixed with fizzy orange and suprisingly non-alcoholic, even though it looks like a tin of beer

F..........Father Christmas Plane

G.........Gathering of family

H........Heart with a beautiful cross stich from Kandi Pandis Pad


J........Jingle Bells....yes I know, I forgot J.....but this is a beautifully wrapped parcel from Kandi Pandi Pad and it does have a jingly bell on if you look close enough :)

K.......Kings...kept forgetting to take this pic at my Mum's or Mother In Laws and then my Mum sent me this the other night.  Our Kings 'travel' around the lounge and arrive at the stable on epiphany and my Mum was sending us an update on where they have got to :)

L......Litla Jolabudin or Little Christmas Shop, found in Iceland....picked up some pretty decorations to bring home

M......Mountains, snow capped and all Chrismassy looking.  Taken from the bottom of our road in Iceland

N.......Napkin Rings for my Brother-in-Laws Christmas table

O........Organ in the Hallgrimskirkja church, it was a beautiful church we were staying opposite in Iceland and visited for our Christmas mass, there are over 5000 pipes in this organ

P.......Prawns...obligatory starter at our family Christmas dinner and this one did not disappoint, with some scallops thrown in, yummy...thanks Mum

Q.......well I missed the Queens speech being in Iceland (did I mention I was away!!).  However, I saw plenty of these in the run up to Christmas, delivering Christmas cards

R.....Ribbon on my card from Kandi Pandi

S......Snow storm on the way to Blue Lagoon, this is where we spent our Christmas Day and it was bliss

T.......Traditions......In Iceland they do not have a Father Chrismas as we know it.  They have the Yule Lads, all 13 of them...for 13 set nights through the Christmas period all the children place a shoe on their windowsill, one Yule Lad creeps down from the mountains each night and places a gift in the shoe of all the children who have been good and a rotten potato in those that have been naughty. 
As we like to get involved in local cultures and I esp like presents, I was very happy to partake in this tradition....and I must have been very good as inside this gift was the Kirsty Allsop Craft Book :)

U.......Underwater whilst snorkelling on our Christmas you do in the snow!

V.......Viking Beer, a Christmas tipple whilst in the Blue Lagoon

W.......Whisk a Christmas treat to myself to make frothy milk for my hot chocs

X......X-stitch, a bit of Christmas stitching

Y........Yule Lad  see Christmas tradition

Z........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hubby asleep at the airport on the way home from our Christmas break
(actually took this for W-wreath, but managed to capture the sleping one :) )

As you can see, some are missing :(  I'm having difficulties downloading pics from my compact camera and didn't want to miss the linky, will add them when I can.

If you haven't taken part in this and want to Kathy is continuing it again this year and the list for Jan can be found over on her blog....button on my side bar

Advent Swop Round Up and a New Swop

Well I have a few things to 'tie up' from last year...I seem to have missed a LOT of posts over the last 2 weeks so busy catching up on all of those that it's time to log off before I've posted myself!

So to finish the wonderful advent swop hosted by the lovely Lynda.....a big thank you to you.......and for those that didn't partake this year, you should def look out for it next year as it's fab having a little present to open everyday in the run up to Christmas, esp one from like minded 'crafty' folk :)  Sign up for this one was around Sept so get following Lynda's blog and watch out for it.   She is also currently hosting a craft box swop, button with link can be found on my side bar.

Ok so we got up to Day are the remaining days and goodies I received from Bea

Day 20............
A rainbow badge which goes well on my crochet hook case

Day 21.............

Snowman tissues...yes this is a little creased, but it's the last one...promise it's clean!!
Also opened some buttons today, as realised there was an extra parcel :)....not got a photo though as I have been tidying my craft bits and seem to have tidied these very well as they have disappeared!!
Day 22.............

Christmas Tags

Day 23............ok ok I know I already admitted I opened all the remaining presents on the 22nd, but I thought i'd continue in the spirit of the swop!

Beautiful Brooch

Day 24............

Yarn for my stash :)

Day 25..............

Tealight & Holder

Thank you to Bea for all her gifts xxxx

Here is what I sent to Bea

Day 20.........
something to help ward off chapped hands
Day 21..................

snowflake hanging decoration made by Cute & Cosy
pattern for snowflake from Lucy
Day 22....................
Felt and button flower brooch made by Cute & Cosy
Day 23.....................

Oil burner & cinnamon fragrance
Day 24...............................

Owl purse, would love to make one of these

Day 25..............................

Earwarmer headband made by Cute & Cosy
Pattern for knitted flower by Miss Crafty Fingers, earwarmer crochetted
and a bit of choccy
Well that's all for the 2011 Advent Swop, my second swop and I LOVE them so hoping to sign up to a few this year

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Giveaway Goodies

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to win a giveaway over at Kandi Pandis Pad.  It arrived beautifully wrapped...........

And had a pretty Christmas card inside.......

2 of these cute hanging hearts.......................

and a beautifully cross stitched reindeer.....................

Also got a heart frame with some stitched trees, will add a picture......or head over to Kandi Pandi's blog to have a peek (it's hanging in my hall and completely forgot to photograph it)
the package also contained some bits for me to make................

and 3 Christmas cross stitch packs (no photo of these sorry, took them to Iceland and did some Christmas stitching).  And as if all this was not generous enough there was also a selection box.....also no photo as it didn't last long enough :) 

Thank you so much for your generosity, I was made up with my parcel and i'll look forward to making the Gisela Graham figures in the run up to next Christmas, they will go beautifully with my decorations, as do your gorgeously handstitched goodies.

Trying to get my advent round up finished but having difficulties uploading photos, hope to have it done for tomorrow

Thursday, 22 December 2011

So much to say, so little time!

Well I have been happily opening my swop pressies over the last few days, and I have to admit something.........................................................I've jumped ahead and opened them all ooops!!!  But in my defense, I do have a good reason...we go on our happy holidays early in the morning so it was either open them now or wait until after Christmas and the child inside of me would just not allow that ;)
So I want to say a huge thank you to Bea for all my swop goodies and I hope you have enjoyed yours.  I will do a post to catch up on them all when I'm back.   And also another thank you to Lynda for organising the swop.
This morning my task was to make cranberry sauce for my father-in-law.  I made it last year for the first time and he raved about it and put his request in for this year, so I could not dissapoint.  I also made some for my family Christmas earlier this month and it went down very well.

excuse photo, taken in a hurry

If you are interested in making some, this is how I make mine.........

Cranberry Sauce

1-2 Oranges
300g Cranberries
100ml ish of water
100-120g sugar

Add the rind of 1 orange (doesn't have to be every little bit), the juice of 1 orange (or 2 if not very juicy) and approx 100ml of water to pan, over medium heat.  Stir in sugar (start with 100g and can add more if not sweet enough) and heat until sugar melted.  Add cranberries and turn down to low heat.  Stir regularly until all the cranberries have 'popped' and sauce has started to thicken, this will take approx 15 mins( may have to squash the last few cranberries).  Take pan off heat and leave to cool.  Place in steralised jars and enjoy :)

beautifully, rich red, yumminess

If you've never made it before I urge you to have a is really so simple to do, you don't have to be exact with measurements and it tastes sooooooooo much nicer than the jar stuff.

Anyway that's all from me until after Christmas, hope you all have a good one and I'll see you on the other side X