Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

So I managed to finish the cardigan from last weeks WIP, will have photos on Friday.  I'm now making the same cardigan but in pink for someone else.  I've not had the pattern long, but it seems to be a popular one.  I think it's because the raised bobble stitch is so unusual.  I know people at my knitting group loved it last week and thought the same.

So with a bit of luck i'll have this and the white one finished in time for Fridays post.

I'm still working on the dolls clothes and the mr men mobile.  Because i'm not following a pattern these take up so much time to make up and so I do find myself doing other bits, but I must crack on with them as I go away next week and would love to have them finished before I go.

I started making these fingerless gloves....

...............but i'm really not sure about them. 

I do love the yarn colour though and it is the first mixed colour (i'm sure there's a proper term!) yarn i've used so i'm on the look out for a nice glove pattern with fingers.....any recommendations?????

I've made myself a coffee so i'm off for some hooky time on the cardigan.....too late to be making up patterns for the dolls/mr men....or that's my excuse anyway.

Night All

Friday, 26 August 2011

Finished Friday

A late posting for today's all finished friday project as i've been working hard to finish the bear for the little mans birthday tomorrow.  All done now so I shall get him photographed tomorrow before he goes to his new home and show you all in next Fridays reveal.

This is a cot/pram blanket I made for my brother-in-laws girlfriend, who was after a present for someone. I have made this before, but larger with a white ribbon as a Christening blanket for someone.  The pattern is from red heart and they have a pattern for matching cardigan (and a hat and booties I think).  I altered it to make this blanket and also they do not have a ribbon on their border, I have added this and hand tied the bows in each corner....

I would say I hope the recepient likes it, but I've found out the person who bought it has become attached to it and decided to keep it!

I got the baby cardigan finished for my mum, just!  But didn't get chance to photograph it as the weather was very overcast, so the lighting was rubbish.  I've asked her to send me a photo of it, so I should have two reveals for next Friday....or maybe i'll save one for the week after, i'm going to London that week so not sure i'll get much crafting done.  Although I am involved in a blog challenge with Crafty Ribbons and need to return two projects by the 12th Sept, so I best get my thinking cap on for that.  They have sent me some lovely Christmas ribbons to have a play with.......yes Christmas, time to get your thinking caps on for the festive season :)

Anyway, of to bed as a busy day tomorrow celebrating a 1st birthday, then a wedding on Sunday so some loevly things planned for the bank holiday weekend.  And if we have enough energy after all those celebrations, the husband has promised me he will take me to the Wirral food and drink festival, yum

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

Are you ready for the second WIP installment......

Well i've made some progress with the bear, which is a good job as the special little mans birthday is on Saturday and he needs to be ready for his new home by then

I need to sew his arms and legs onto the body and sew in all the ends, but he is definietly looking more bear like, so progress from last week.  I have been a little distracted from him though as I had a blanket to finish last week that is all photographed and ready for my Finished Friday post.  And this week i'm trying to get a newborn cardigan finished for my mum who wants it for a present for someone at work who is due to start mat leave soon. 

Mum and Dad are coming to visit for lunch tomorrow so i'm hoping to get it finished by then, just one more arm to crochet...then sew together.....then the border to complete......and not to forget the buttons to sew on....eeek best get to work if I want to meet my deadline.  My husband cooked a delicious tea tonight of lamb with mint mash so I have plenty of energy to keep me going.  He doesn't normally cook, other than a mean cooked breakfast and the occasional jacket potato, but after tonights creation i'm pencilling him in for a regular cookery slot.

I went to knitting group for the second time last night and enjoyed it just as much as last week, so hoping that will become a regular part of my week.  It is lovely to meet like minded people and see what others are making.  We were also discussing plans for national knitting/wool week and children in need, so watch this space.

Right i'm off to carry on the crochet with a cuppa before bed.  Then once the Cardigan is finshed, I can concentrate on finishing the bear and I plan on knitting a jumper to keep him warm through the winter, but not tonight, that will have to wait.

Night all

Friday, 19 August 2011

Finished Friday

This weeks reveal is a cross stitch project, a very good friend of mine welcomed her first precious daughter into the world this month.  Being a fellow crafty fan, it seemed only right that I made a card.  Now I'm not really a card maker so please be kind!  

Not seen the little one yet as they are understandably having a few weeks as a family, but can't wait to go round soon for a cuddle and a catch up with her mummy and daddy.

Just made a pot of tea for my Friday blog catch up, what is it about making tea in a pot that makes it taste so much to savour my second cup and catch up with my favourite blogs

Thursday, 18 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've often wondered want WIP is.....then I stumbbled across the meaning recently.  So what am I working on at the moment....too many things probably!!

I'm hoping to have this little fella finished very soon as it is for a special little mans 1st birthday next week.  All to be revealed soon.

Also not been able to find any doll clothes patterns to fit the doll alive, I mentioned in a previous post.  So I have started a little romper this week in blue and hope to add some daisies to the front to match the headband.  I currently have the doll on loan so need to crack on with this as I don't want the little girl to miss her baby Lucy.

I've also almost finished another blanket, just need to go to the shop tomorrow and buy a baby blue ribbon to weave around the edge and I think the edge of the blanket is lacking something so will probably add a border.  I bought a really good book at the weekend, can't remember the name right now, but will tell you more about it when I post the finished blanket.

So these are this weeks projects, who knows what next week will bring...although thinking about it I also have a Mr Men mobile on the go as many things, so little time.

I did join a knitting/crochet group last night at my local wool shop and really enjoyed it, looking forward to next week already.

For the observant ones...I meant to come back on to post this last night, but fell asleep so my first WIP Wednesday was actually posted on a Thursday!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Doll Headbands

I've been asked to do some dolls clothes for a little girls doll.  It's a baby alive doll so if anyone has done any before or knows of any patterns, they would be greatfully received.

I quickly made 2 headbands as I'd borrowed the doll overnight to take measurements and wanted to return her with something to play with.

The first one was a pink band and a smallish pink flower to the side

The second I did a blue band with a square pattern, but decided it wasn't girly enough so added some daisies

and a pic of a close up

If anyone would like the patterns please let me know....I don't have them written up at the mo, but will write them up soon and will try to remember to put them on here

One last pic

I'm trying to delay to Torquay to visit my sister for a few days, but hate the packing bit, one hour to go so I best go and get it done.  Looking forward to a few walks by the sea, ice cream and maybe a visit to the local wool shop....if I can encourage my husband to take me there!!!! 

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Star Blanket

So I was asked by a friend to make a boy version of a blanket I made for her daughter a few months ago, which was a pale green square and raised pink heart square with a shell stitch border....will add photos at some point.
I decided to do a blue and yellow blanket, with the raised section being a star.

Also wanted the border to be a bit more boyish, but still pointy to reflect the star pattern.  The blanket turned out a little bigger than the original and I would prob reduce the size if I was to do it again so that it was more cot blanket size.  But delivered it to my friend today and she was really pleased with it so big sigh of relief and i'm off to sleep well tonight :)