Wednesday, 24 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

Are you ready for the second WIP installment......

Well i've made some progress with the bear, which is a good job as the special little mans birthday is on Saturday and he needs to be ready for his new home by then

I need to sew his arms and legs onto the body and sew in all the ends, but he is definietly looking more bear like, so progress from last week.  I have been a little distracted from him though as I had a blanket to finish last week that is all photographed and ready for my Finished Friday post.  And this week i'm trying to get a newborn cardigan finished for my mum who wants it for a present for someone at work who is due to start mat leave soon. 

Mum and Dad are coming to visit for lunch tomorrow so i'm hoping to get it finished by then, just one more arm to crochet...then sew together.....then the border to complete......and not to forget the buttons to sew on....eeek best get to work if I want to meet my deadline.  My husband cooked a delicious tea tonight of lamb with mint mash so I have plenty of energy to keep me going.  He doesn't normally cook, other than a mean cooked breakfast and the occasional jacket potato, but after tonights creation i'm pencilling him in for a regular cookery slot.

I went to knitting group for the second time last night and enjoyed it just as much as last week, so hoping that will become a regular part of my week.  It is lovely to meet like minded people and see what others are making.  We were also discussing plans for national knitting/wool week and children in need, so watch this space.

Right i'm off to carry on the crochet with a cuppa before bed.  Then once the Cardigan is finshed, I can concentrate on finishing the bear and I plan on knitting a jumper to keep him warm through the winter, but not tonight, that will have to wait.

Night all

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