Wednesday, 31 August 2011

WIP Wednesday

So I managed to finish the cardigan from last weeks WIP, will have photos on Friday.  I'm now making the same cardigan but in pink for someone else.  I've not had the pattern long, but it seems to be a popular one.  I think it's because the raised bobble stitch is so unusual.  I know people at my knitting group loved it last week and thought the same.

So with a bit of luck i'll have this and the white one finished in time for Fridays post.

I'm still working on the dolls clothes and the mr men mobile.  Because i'm not following a pattern these take up so much time to make up and so I do find myself doing other bits, but I must crack on with them as I go away next week and would love to have them finished before I go.

I started making these fingerless gloves....

...............but i'm really not sure about them. 

I do love the yarn colour though and it is the first mixed colour (i'm sure there's a proper term!) yarn i've used so i'm on the look out for a nice glove pattern with fingers.....any recommendations?????

I've made myself a coffee so i'm off for some hooky time on the cardigan.....too late to be making up patterns for the dolls/mr men....or that's my excuse anyway.

Night All

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