Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Doll Headbands

I've been asked to do some dolls clothes for a little girls doll.  It's a baby alive doll so if anyone has done any before or knows of any patterns, they would be greatfully received.

I quickly made 2 headbands as I'd borrowed the doll overnight to take measurements and wanted to return her with something to play with.

The first one was a pink band and a smallish pink flower to the side

The second I did a blue band with a square pattern, but decided it wasn't girly enough so added some daisies

and a pic of a close up

If anyone would like the patterns please let me know....I don't have them written up at the mo, but will write them up soon and will try to remember to put them on here

One last pic

I'm trying to delay packing....off to Torquay to visit my sister for a few days, but hate the packing bit, one hour to go so I best go and get it done.  Looking forward to a few walks by the sea, ice cream and maybe a visit to the local wool shop....if I can encourage my husband to take me there!!!! 

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