Wednesday, 4 January 2012

December Scavenger Hunt

Well this was the last Scavenger Hunt of the year and a challenge was set for a Christmas A-Z....this is how I got on........

A........Angel of the snow variety, made by me :)

B..........Bell, Street Decorations in Iceland

C.........Cranberry Sauce....homemade of course :)

D........Dogs sitting nicely for their candy cane Christmas present from my sister

E........Egils, local Christmas drink in's a malt drink mixed with fizzy orange and suprisingly non-alcoholic, even though it looks like a tin of beer

F..........Father Christmas Plane

G.........Gathering of family

H........Heart with a beautiful cross stich from Kandi Pandis Pad


J........Jingle Bells....yes I know, I forgot J.....but this is a beautifully wrapped parcel from Kandi Pandi Pad and it does have a jingly bell on if you look close enough :)

K.......Kings...kept forgetting to take this pic at my Mum's or Mother In Laws and then my Mum sent me this the other night.  Our Kings 'travel' around the lounge and arrive at the stable on epiphany and my Mum was sending us an update on where they have got to :)

L......Litla Jolabudin or Little Christmas Shop, found in Iceland....picked up some pretty decorations to bring home

M......Mountains, snow capped and all Chrismassy looking.  Taken from the bottom of our road in Iceland

N.......Napkin Rings for my Brother-in-Laws Christmas table

O........Organ in the Hallgrimskirkja church, it was a beautiful church we were staying opposite in Iceland and visited for our Christmas mass, there are over 5000 pipes in this organ

P.......Prawns...obligatory starter at our family Christmas dinner and this one did not disappoint, with some scallops thrown in, yummy...thanks Mum

Q.......well I missed the Queens speech being in Iceland (did I mention I was away!!).  However, I saw plenty of these in the run up to Christmas, delivering Christmas cards

R.....Ribbon on my card from Kandi Pandi

S......Snow storm on the way to Blue Lagoon, this is where we spent our Christmas Day and it was bliss

T.......Traditions......In Iceland they do not have a Father Chrismas as we know it.  They have the Yule Lads, all 13 of them...for 13 set nights through the Christmas period all the children place a shoe on their windowsill, one Yule Lad creeps down from the mountains each night and places a gift in the shoe of all the children who have been good and a rotten potato in those that have been naughty. 
As we like to get involved in local cultures and I esp like presents, I was very happy to partake in this tradition....and I must have been very good as inside this gift was the Kirsty Allsop Craft Book :)

U.......Underwater whilst snorkelling on our Christmas you do in the snow!

V.......Viking Beer, a Christmas tipple whilst in the Blue Lagoon

W.......Whisk a Christmas treat to myself to make frothy milk for my hot chocs

X......X-stitch, a bit of Christmas stitching

Y........Yule Lad  see Christmas tradition

Z........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hubby asleep at the airport on the way home from our Christmas break
(actually took this for W-wreath, but managed to capture the sleping one :) )

As you can see, some are missing :(  I'm having difficulties downloading pics from my compact camera and didn't want to miss the linky, will add them when I can.

If you haven't taken part in this and want to Kathy is continuing it again this year and the list for Jan can be found over on her blog....button on my side bar


  1. A great set of photos... shame about the upload problems, I'll have to come back to see if I can see the rest! It was great see other parts of the world in your photos!

    I've did the scavenger hunt every month last year and was going to give it up, but I enjoy it so much I'm going to carry on this year!

  2. lovely photo collection, m and n are my favourite , the snow looks so festive

  3. I spent Christmas in Iceland a few years ago and it was magical. I'm very jealous that you went to the Blue Lagoon. I loved it there.

  4. Lovely pictures,I just love icicles,arent they so magical?lots of love,xxxxxxxx

  5. A Christmas Scavenger Hunt from A to Z. Wow! This is my first time to hear something like this. It wasn’t easy, but it was full of thrill and anticipation for sure. :D We’ll have our next scavenger hunt this coming Easter Sunday, and I’m so excited!