Thursday, 22 December 2011

So much to say, so little time!

Well I have been happily opening my swop pressies over the last few days, and I have to admit something.........................................................I've jumped ahead and opened them all ooops!!!  But in my defense, I do have a good reason...we go on our happy holidays early in the morning so it was either open them now or wait until after Christmas and the child inside of me would just not allow that ;)
So I want to say a huge thank you to Bea for all my swop goodies and I hope you have enjoyed yours.  I will do a post to catch up on them all when I'm back.   And also another thank you to Lynda for organising the swop.
This morning my task was to make cranberry sauce for my father-in-law.  I made it last year for the first time and he raved about it and put his request in for this year, so I could not dissapoint.  I also made some for my family Christmas earlier this month and it went down very well.

excuse photo, taken in a hurry

If you are interested in making some, this is how I make mine.........

Cranberry Sauce

1-2 Oranges
300g Cranberries
100ml ish of water
100-120g sugar

Add the rind of 1 orange (doesn't have to be every little bit), the juice of 1 orange (or 2 if not very juicy) and approx 100ml of water to pan, over medium heat.  Stir in sugar (start with 100g and can add more if not sweet enough) and heat until sugar melted.  Add cranberries and turn down to low heat.  Stir regularly until all the cranberries have 'popped' and sauce has started to thicken, this will take approx 15 mins( may have to squash the last few cranberries).  Take pan off heat and leave to cool.  Place in steralised jars and enjoy :)

beautifully, rich red, yumminess

If you've never made it before I urge you to have a is really so simple to do, you don't have to be exact with measurements and it tastes sooooooooo much nicer than the jar stuff.

Anyway that's all from me until after Christmas, hope you all have a good one and I'll see you on the other side X


  1. Well done on getting so far before giving in to temptation! I'm eagerly awaiting my last two. You sent me some really lovely things! Your beautiful crochet things have to be my favourite!

  2. Ha Ha, it is hard to resist opening them isn't it! Your cranberry sauce looks delish! Have a fab Christmas! x