Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Day 13 Advent Swop

I think it's a case of great minds today, here is what I received from Bea.......

a bit of choccy
and this is what I sent to Bea.................

a bit of choccy
I'll enjoy mine after work with a cuppa.

Talking of food and present ideas.......................

I put this together for a family birthday recently.  The glass jar has the ingredients for cupcakes (although the recipe said get a large jar and it didn't even fill half the jar, so would def go for a small jar next time!!).  Onto the jar I have attached a Gisela Graham wooden cupcake, which has a peg for holding the recipe card and a magnet, by which it attached to the jar (can then be reused as a fridge magnet/note holder).  There are also some choc chips which are added to the recipe at a later stage and some girly cupcake cases. 
Right I'm off to get ready for work :(  Then got my knitting group tonight and were having a Christmas bring in :)  ...........oops note to self............... must find something to take!!!!


  1. Oooh, cupcakes in a jar! Such a fun, yum idea x

  2. I've wanted to do the cupcakes in a jar for the last couple of years but just not got round to it.
    Cadbury wishes..............my fave!

    B xxx

  3. You should have a go, they were really simple, but def only need a small jar. otherwise the layers get all mixed up in transit. I'm also partial to a cadbury wish star, that and snow balls x