Monday, 12 December 2011

Day 7-12 Advent Swop

So I'm running a little behind with my swop goodies due to a funny old week.  We spent a couple of unexpected nights at my MIL last week, which was lovely because we were very well looked after (tea cooked, lunches made and a hot water bottle in bed each night :) ).  However, it threw me off a little as I was out of my usual routine and had planned so much to do.
Then this weekend we had my family Christmas back in Manchester which was lovely, but very manic so no time for blogging. 
On to the swop goodies..........

Day 7

A 'sweetie' bracelet

Day 8

knitting bits and bobs
I don't have any of these, so really pleased, these have been added to my needle stash

Day 9

Jelly Beans...all gone
Day 10

More Jelly Beans...also gone!!

Day 11

Nail Kit in a cute pink wallet

Day 12

Beaded bracelet

These are the goodies I sent to Bea........


Mini face cream and 5 cotton pads to remove make-up

Close up of face scrubbie made by Cute & Cosy
The pattern for this can be found on ravelry


Sequins for crafting


Bird bookmark/paperclip made by Cute & Cosy

pattern can be found here


Christmas cookie cutters

Thought these could be used for some festive baking or hung from the tree with some ribbon


Festive Dishcloth handmade by Cute & Cosy

pattern can be found here

I added a loop top so it can be hung to dry

Festive Tea Towel


some Christmas stamps and red ink pad, cinnamon sticks and silver bells
Well thats me all up to date, will try to keep up now x


  1. Wow, busy week! I love all your swap goodies, they are fab!

  2. I'm LOVING my girfts! The little bird book mark is gorgeous! And I thought the little crochet circles were ornaments! They look way to pretty to be getting make up on! Would you be offended if I hung them on my tree!? And I thought the star was a decoration aswell! Never thought of doing crochet for houshold things. Will blog about them as soon as I can get the pictures on the laptop! x x x

  3. Hi Bea, of course I wouldn't mind, it's quite an honour that you think they are nice enough to hang on your tree :) And you can use the dishcloth as a decoration too if you like :) Glad you like the book mark, thought this was quite a different idea xx