Friday, 2 December 2011

Day 2 Advent Swop

Well unlike yesterday, I was a little late in opening today's gift as I completely forgot when I first awoke.  My parcels aren't numbered so I can open them in any order, a bit of a stocking lucky dip if you like.  So I spied a long thin pressie wrapped in tissue paper and guessed it might be something crafty.  Much to my delight this is what I found inside...........

Some forever friends Christmas Embossed Transfers, just what I need to give me a kick start this weekend and make some Christmas cards, thanks Bea

Here's what I sent to Bea for today

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate coins :)

And thought I'd add on a photo of my 1st advent candle lit, i've stuck it in the bottom of an old candle for now.  I have been thinking I may be able to do a table display with it, using some florist foam and some pine and other Christmassy bits, what do you think?

Think I need to sweep my fire!

I've lost my making mojo the last few days and just can't motivate myself to do anything, I'm going to try and pick up the crochet hooks tonight as my to do list is growing.

On a brighter note, I now have 10 followers yea :) Thank you and welcome to you all



  1. You're right - chocolate and Christmas are a perfect match! x

  2. hi claire i'm one of your new followers, i'm taking part in the advent swap too and am enjoying seeing what everyone is getting in their packages!!!