Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Countdown is Here - Day 1 of Advent Swop

I think it was back in September when I signed up for this Advent Swop, organised by Lynda, a big thank you, to her for organising it.


I was paired with Bea and last week we sent our parcels to each other.  This was mine all packaged up and ready to send

and I have to admit, I didn't take a picture of the box when Bea's arrived as I was too excited to get into it!
This was what I found inside

An advent stocking FULL of wrapped goodies :D with a candy cane that you move along through advent.
I have been very good as this arrived Saturday morning and I have waited 5 whole sleeps to open the first parcel....very unlike me!!!!  I even kept the candy cane that you can see poking out of the top of the stocking (i've just enjoyed that whilst writing this post)
So this morning came and my stocking was next to my bed so guess what the first thing was I did this morning.....well open a parcel of course, but you all knew that.  Want to see what was inside?
Bea has given me a challenge here trying to photogragh this.  It is an advent candle display, a candle holder with 4 candles one for each Sunday of Advent.  And I'll get to light one tonight as the first Sunday of Advent has just been, so I'll enjoy the flickering candle tonight whilst catching up on my crafting.

A closer view of the candle holder

 It was difficult to photograph as it has a spike on the end, any creative ideas of how I could display this?

The eagle eyed amogst you may have spotted this above, in the background

My Mum and Mother-In-Law still buy both J and I chocolate advent calenders, so we have 2 each every year.  We do tell them not to, I think they need Grandchildren to spoil....maybe we might help them out with that one next year ;)

This is what it said behind door 1....well if you insist......I'll need a pen and a VERY long piece of paper!

Talking of lists, this is a time of year where we all seem to have plenty, so why not use a pretty pen and notebook to make the endless lists more appealing to look at, this is what I sent to Bea for Day 1

Hope you'll join me throughout December for the rest of the swop goodies 


  1. What lovely swap goodies, I really love the pink notebook and pen - very fab! Thanks for visiting my blog, I will be back to yours to see your other swap delights! x

  2. Thanks, you're welcome back anytime :) x

  3. Hi Claire..Thanks for popping over to my blog and signing onto the Beautiful Blogger blanket! I love your advent swap pressies..I am in it too, but mine haven't arrived yet... I'm like a child on Christmas Eve! I'm glad I found your lovely blog :)x

  4. Hi Stocki, thanks for visiting here too. Hope your parcels arrive soon x

  5. Hello! So pleased you're having fun with your goodies. I do apologise for not having blogged about mine yet, I have been opening them every morning and am loving my lovely presents!
    I thought the advent candles would look good stuck into oasis with festive foliage as a Christmas centerpiece or you could even stick it into a Christmas cake!?

  6. Hi Bea, glad you're enjoying it too. I was thinking the oasis/foliage ensemble! A Christmas cake would be an interesting one too x