Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 16-19 Advent Swop...with weekend catch up

Well, all our weekend plans seemed to change, but we have had a lovely and productive one......J was off on Friday so it's been a nice extended weekend too. 
It started with a slightly different Friday than planned (from my previous post), a trip to the GP's for me for antibiotics and a trip to the garage for the car for 3 new tyres after one went pop!  

Here's what I opened on that day for my advent swop from Bea

As you can see, already eaten!  Can't remember which blog I read it on now (sorry!) but I had it in rice pudding, it was very yum indeed :)

And what I had sent to Bea
A festive mug

On Saturday I had a lazy start to the day as I was still feeling a bit under the weather.  We had planned a day at the Warrington De Vere hotel, using their spa facilities (pool, jacuzzi, gym etc), followed by afternoon was a birthday present from my sister.  However, I didn't feel up to the gym etc and as I'd already rearranged it once, I didn't want to cancel again at the risk we might lose it.  So in the afternoon, off to afternoon tea we went.  And I was glad we did, it was very nice indeed.  Finger sandwiches.....ham & tomato, egg & cress, smoked salmon & cream cheese, cucumber & cream cheese..........Followed by scones with butter, jam & cream.......Followed by a cake of our choice...maltesers cake for J and black cherry baked cheesecake for me (both shared of course!).....all washed down with a drink of our choice...J had a HUGE pot of tea and just to add to the already consumed calories I had a caramel macchiato........yummy......Well worth getting out of bed for :)
No photos as J banned discouraged me from taking my camera.. his comment was....when you look like that, no leave it at home...I don't know how to boost me confidence ;)

My advent goody for the day was..................

I've been having a massive sort out this weekend and finding homes for my crafty bits, so these now have a drawer to live in.....if any family are reading this and are ever unsure what to get me I LOVE LOVE LOVE bits for my stash, thanks Bea
And here's what I'd sent to Bea.................

Some choccy bics to go with a cuppa in the mug from yesterday

Sunday we had planned reflexology for J in the morning, followed by lunch out with friends and tea with some more......again not quite to plan.

On Sat night J had started tinkering with the radiator in the bedroom we are decorating and this required us keeping the heating off from sat night through until sunday night bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr, it was very cold indeed.  I went to reflexology in his place so he could continue tinkering...........such a sacrifice by me ;)
Upon my return there was still no heating and lots of tinkering going on so we had to cancel lunch :(.......and off to his mums I went to warm up and start my curtains. 
We then heard from our friends who we were meeting for tea and they rearranged to meet up for a drink so an emergency run to the chippy for tea....not quite as special as the two previously planned meals out!!  But we had a lovely night in the pub with them catching up....they have a wee one due any day and I got the feeling they really wanted 'one more trip' to the pub, prior to little ones the boys went all out and had two whole pints each , whilst myself (nominated driver) and mummy to be went wild and sampled a range of soft drinks.  And our final round for the four of us was 1xcoca cola, 1x mocha and 2x hot rock and roll!!!!!!

Here is what I received yesterday for my swop..............

Not seen anything like this before, I'll have to try it this week as we still haven't put any decs up

And what I sent to Bea...................

snuggly socks to keep your tootsies warm

Today's gift was.....................

Yea, more crafting bits, just my cup of tea Thanks :)

And what I sent to Bea................

snow, just in case none falls by you....gotta have a bit of the white stuff at Christmas

Today I've been off work and had a pretty lazy day, lots of sleep involved as still feeking a bit under the weather, and i've been finishing off a few crafty bits so I can get them off before the last post


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