Saturday, 3 December 2011

Day 3 Advent Swop

Day 3 is upon us and this is what I choose from my lucky dip this morning

A handy 'on the go' sewing kit, i'm trying to be organised with my craft supplies and now have a draw for my threads and needles so in there it will go, ready and waiting for a sewing emergency. Thanks Bea x

Here's what I sent to Bea for today

A Champneys bath essence and a 'poof', that's what we call them in my house, not sure what their name is!  Well weekends are made for a little pampering. 

This is what I found lurking behind my advent door this afternoon......

a cheeky Robin asking 'can you guess what I want for Christmas'.  Well no my feathered friend, but I did buy a small bird bath on my travels yesterday so hope this will suffice :)
I'm off to do some Christmas shopping this afternoon, hope you have a lovely Saturday, whatever you have planned



  1. The advent swap is a great idea. I have seen what others have given and received and think it's such a lovely idea.

  2. Thanks Claire for your lovely comments, you are in my draw.X