Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 4, 5 and 6 Advent Swop

Hi all, a little behind as had a busy couple of days like us all at this time of year.  It's also difficult to get this photographed so no This Weeks Makes to show you as I've not managed to get the items photographed.  Watch out for next weeks though as it will be a bumper one because we are having my family Christmas this week and it's also my mum's birthday so I can show you all the gifts I've not been able to yet.

On to the advent swop, here's what Bea has sent me for the last few days

Day 4 Notebook
As I said on day 1, this is a time of year for lists, lists and more lists so this will come in very handy

Day 5 Buttons
I do love my buttons, these will go into my collection, although I may use some of the star shaped ones for some last minute Christmas crafting

Day 6
When I saw the shape of this wrapped up I thought Chocolates and as I was feeling peckish decided to open this one today.  On handling it (you know the one a squeeze and a shake before opening) I changed my mind and was intrigued as to what lay inside.  Off came the wrapping and yep, still no clearer.....but what a pretty tube.  Want to see what was inside?

Of course you do..................

Colouring Pencils
These will go beautifully in my new tidy craft space (just need to tidy it first!!)

Thanks Bea

Here's what I sent to Bea

Day 4 Christmas Ribbons

Day 5 Christmas Cross Stitch 

Day 6 Chocolate Mould
I've picked one of these moulds up for myself as well and will probably use it for soaps as it has 4 different shapes in it so thought they would make pretty mini soaps.

Off to knitting tonight, have a scarf to make so looking forward to that, back tomorrow for Day 7

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  1. Glad you're liking the pressies, I thought the star buttons might be useful for Christmas crafting (hence putting them close to the top!)

    You'll be pleased to hear that i'm about to blog about the advent swap, I feel so bad for not blogging everyday, I've tried without any luck to post blogs from my iPad2 but it won't let me upload any photos annoyingly!!