Sunday, 27 November 2011

This weeks makes

Well I have been a busy bee this week.  The shawl is off the needles yea :D Not quite finished as some ends to sew in, but such a relief to be almost there.  No pics yet as it's my mum's birthday present.

I also sent my advent swap parcel on Friday so I have worked hard this week to get things done, and found a few cute ideas to make.  Will share once my swap partner has opened them....can't wait to open mine, the box arrived yesterday, will take a LOT of willpower to wait until Thursday to open my first parcel.

Onto some pics I can share.......

We are making a passion blanket at my local knitting group.  The squares need to be 4inch in size and Val who is the shop owner of Made, is busily crochetting the squares together.  I have been a little late in submitting my squares and Val said she was after some with texture so I made this crochet flower square. 

I have a lovely passion flower at the front of my house which is still flowering it's beautiful purple flowers, and although this isn't the same 'flower' it gave me inspiration for the colour.

The second square is one of my favourite stiches in crochet, the bobble stitch

Neither of these squares has been blocked in the photos above, so hence the curling...I don't tend to block my blanket squares as they flatten when joined.  Although I did discover the joy of blocking this week and the difference it can make...but will say more when I reveal my swap goodies.

I've had a break off making things today and had a pj day...well sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered!!  First on my list this week is a bear hat for my cousin, so will get onto that tomorrow, for now i'm off to make some banana and custard for me and J, yummy 


  1. i love your profile pic... ha ha "claire bear"... genius

  2. Thanks :) I have had the nickname for years, so might as well run with it x