Sunday, 20 November 2011

This Weeks Makes

It's a busy time of year, with birthday's, Christmas, and 6 new baby's due in December/early Jan, oh and an advent swap i'm involved in, so excited to be swapping at the end of next week...I love receiving parcels in post :)

We went to visit one of our expectant friends on Friday and J (Mr N as previously known!!) had asked me to make a penguin hat and booties, as both mum and dad to be, are penguin fanatics.  After browsing through ravelry I thought I found the perfect hat, but looking at the pattern it was only in one size and I wasn't convinced it would fit a newborn.  So I made a basic beanie hat and similar eyes and beak to the one from ravelry and this is what I came up with

The wool wasn't baby wool, as i'm not sure whether they do baby wool in black...certainly not at my LYS anyway.  So I decided to line the hat so it was soft against babies head.  First time i've lined a hat and I was pretty pleased with myself :)
Now on to the feet, well after much searching I coundn't find a pattern and set about having a go myself.  I wanted the webbed feet, but didn't want the little ones precious toes getting 'caught' on the webbed section.  So I decided to make a sock/bootie with a separate section for the webbed effect on the end, here's the result.....

Hope they fit!!

My heart did melt a little with the two together when I was packaging them up, they looked so cute

like a little shuffling penguin.  We've been watching Frozen Planet for the last few weeks and I have grown quite attached to penguins myself.

The rest of the weeks makes have involved a birthday present for my baby (22, so not so much a baby!) sister, although can't post a pic just yet.  And a shawl for my mum's birthday which is 10th Dec and seems to be taking ForEVER....with the current 322 stiches a row it takes me about 45mins to do 2 rows (i'm a slow knitter).....only 51 more rows to go, with a few more increases yet eek.


  1. This is adorable! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. Oh SO CUTE!!! That's just too much!
    Becky x

  3. Thanks, our friends had the baby by C-section yesterday, A little boy, a glad I didn't add a bow! Can't wait to see a pic of him in it x