Thursday, 22 September 2011

Operation Declutter Nests

So i'm back and had an amazing few weeks......celebrating my 30th locally with friends and family and then more friends and family celebrations in London, followed by a trip away with the husband to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (i hope to do a post with pics about all of this as we really did have a lovely time).
I've returned with a new enthusiasm for decluttering our home and after catching up on some of my favourite blogs this post  by Lucy @ Attic 24 encouraged my enthusiasm.  Mr N will really appreciate this as my 'nest's' as he calls them drive him mad!!

It was all about where to start and I thought surely my microwave can't have anywhere near the 66 items on top of Lucy's so I started with the kitchen..........

eek I have been meaning to get around to this for a very long time....I counted 71 (bowing my head in shame) things on top and that was counting some things e.g. candles as 1 item, so your's wasn't that bad after all Lucy :)

But now it is beautifully clear......

I then moved onto the window ledge a smaller job, but still an area in need........

3 tubes of hand cream above the sink is really a little excessive so a little declutter and i'm left with a cleaner looking window, although the view needs some work (Mr N is doing some major renovations on our back yard and i'm hoping to be well on the way to a beautiful garden by spring).............

and after all this I thought i'd earned a stroll in the park with my two furry friends

It really was a beautifully sunny afternoon and both myself and the dogs loved it, after our 2 weeks apart. 

I returned from our jaunt to enjoy a delicious cup
of jamaican blue mountain coffee
whilst I reminised about mine and Mr N's recent trip

Well not a bad 1st day back, poor Mr N has returned to work today and is on a long day so I hope my start on the decluttering cheers him up when he walks through the door.  And if that fails to do the trick, we're having chicken wraps tonight with some of the Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce that was his holiday treat to come home with, as he loved their snapper wraps with this at lunch....hope my chicken wraps live up to expectations.  Off to get the last load of holiday clothes out of the washing machine and hope to be back tomorrow for finished friday


  1. woah 71 you say???? How can you have beat me lol?!!!!!
    WIsh I'd've taken a before photo too, I think mine looked worse than yours even it was a smaller number of objects hahaha!
    Good isn't it, this decluttering lark, I'm feeling very satisfied with my weeks work. It's been worth the 1hr a day without doubt.
    Lovely visiting with you Claire ♥

  2. :) it certainly is, don't know if i'll manage the hour, but i've set myself a target of a minimum of 30mins decluttering a day, thanks for visiting my blog, I feel very priveledged as you are quite a celebrity in blogland xxx