Sunday, 2 October 2011

A quiet week

I've been a little quite since my holiday, no WIP Wednesday or Finished Friday and no holiday report as of yet.  I ended up with a post-holiday cold, must have been the change in climate and so have taken things easy this week.  I have to admit, I was greatful for the change in the weather in the latter half of the week, it felt like we'd brought the Jamaican sunshine home and I enjoyed warming the bones :) 
We had shopping planned for yesterday, but rearranged as you can't very well spend a rare English sunny October day inside.  A little drizzly today though so the planned picnic with friends was shelved and the shopping got done.  We haven't had a shower since mid August as ours broke and I was extremely excited to return with a shower and the blissful thoughts of an extended rinse tonight.....but it wasn't to be, the shower didn't fit and back to the tub it is.  I do enjoy a soak in the tub, but it is so much easier washing your hair with a shower, fingers crossed it will soon be rectified.
Whilst Mr N was soaking in the tub he shouted down that the sky had gone a lovely colour so I dashed outside for a shot

 Gorgeous reds and purples, a lovely end to a lovely week of weather.

I've had quite a productive weekend getting projects finished.  Will do a post for Friday.  But just a little pic of something I made last weekend.  Lucy over at Attic 24 blogged about some homemade cookies and also a link to homemade hobnobs.  It was a friends birthday last week and these are his favourite biscuits so it was as if fate was nudging me in that direction and I decided to have a go

I drizzled chocolate over the top and prettified them with wrapping, I was quite impressed for a first attempt.  Going to try adding a few bits into them next time, maybe raisins or nuts.
Anyway way past my bed time, night all

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