Wednesday, 19 October 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well this week my main aim is to finish the Mr Men/Little Miss Mobile I started back in August.  As you may remember I started this for a friends new baby, who was born early August.  However, for one reason and another, and the fact they don't live round the corner, we haven't managed to meet up yet.  We are getting together on Sunday so after putting the project to one side, I really need to crack on and get it done. 

This is where i'm up to with Mr Bump, Little Miss Naughty & Mr Messy.  My plan is to get these finished tonight.  And then make Mr Tickle tomorrow.  I've also decided I might hang them on a string that can be hung from a shelf, rather than a mobile, as I would imagine they probably already have one of these with Little Tickle being 2months old.  Also this can continue to be used as she gets older.
Anyway, wish me luck in my quest to get it finished, I must say it will be a relief as making up the patterns for these has taken a lot of time and brain waves!
I'm off to watch Kirstie's new series whilst I do a bit of crafting myself


  1. Your Mr mens & misses look wonderful!
    I've actually been learning to crochet over the last couple of days! Have been experimenting with the magic circle technique with help from youtube!

  2. Thanks Bea, I've just finished the mobile tonight so will post some pics over the weekend. Just congratulating myself with a glass of red tonight :) That's great that you've decided to pick up the needles again, let me know if you have any questions x

  3. Hi Claire, love your Mr Men ...they look pretty tricky to make. Thankyou for all the sweet things you said about my giveaway. I'm glad it made you happy.
    Jacquie x
    P.S. Tabiboo has an excellent post on scent in the home this week :0)

  4. Thanks Jacquie, I've just done a post on the finished mobile, they were a challenge, but pretty pleased with the result. Thanks for becoming a follower, I'm very excited as up to 3 now :)
    Had a look at Tabiboo blog and it made me get my oil burner out and light my candles straight away, so sat enjoying them now x