Sunday, 30 October 2011

Chocolate Spiders

Warning: these are a pain to make, patience is a must!!!!!
Well I decided to make these at a ridiculous time of night so with hindsight if I make them again, it will be at a better time of day.

Ingredient List:
Strawberry Laces
Vimto Skidaddles
Cherry Lips
Black food colouring

Chop strawberry laces into 'legs'
Cut the cherry lips in half to make 'fangs'
Lay out each spider to make sure you have everything ready before melting the chocolate.

To get the pupils on the 'eyes' I used black food colouring and the end of a strawberry lace to apply a dab of it to each vimto sweet (also used a clean cotton bud to tidy them up as required)
Melt the chocolate, there are a couple of ways to do this.  I melt mine in a glass bowl in the microwave, break 100-150g into chunks.  Melt for 30seconds on 50%, stir, continue to melt in 20second bursts, stirring after each (be careful not to overheat).
Coat each marshmallow in chocolate and place on greaseproof paper, leave to harden. 
Once hardened, attach eyes, fangs and legs using a little melted chocolate on each to attach.
Place in fridge to set
Some slightly smudged eyes, but this can be corrected with a cotton bud

this one has extra chocolate, but I don't think that's a bad thing!!
I appreciate they are not a masterpiece, but just a bit of halloween fun.  I did have an idea for ghosts when making these, so may try these next year

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