Friday, 28 October 2011

Christmas Came Early

Well i've just done my first blog swap.  It was kindly organised by Lynda and was a handmade decoration swap with a few other Christmas bits.  I was so pleased to be paired up with Debbie as after reading through her blog, I came across some lovely makes and think are tastes are very similar.
We are both taking part in Lynda's other Christmas swap and so after both being very excited and starting pretty much immediately on our shopping and makes, we agreed to do the swap at the end of Oct as an early Christmas treat :)   
So when the door bell went at 7.45 I was so excited.  Mr N was just leaving for work so brought my parcel up to me.  I tried to get back to sleep but was like a five year old on Christmas morning and couldn't sleep.  So at 8.15 I hoped out of bed and eagerly ripped open my parcel to find these beauties
Just a sneaky peek tonight as my camera battery was flat after these too so I have now charged it and will take some photos of the goodies in the daylight and share next week. 
You can just about make out the gingerbread man and teddy hanging decorations.  I was going to make this teddy as part of Debbies gifts, but noticed them on her blog recently, told you our tastes are similar!!  I also didn't realise how small they are and i'm not sure my knitting skills are as good as Debbie's, she has made him perfectly.
I've just been making chocolate spiders for a halloween party tomorrow and Mr N is currently carving our pumpkin, which means pumpkin soup will be on the menu tomorrow yum.
I'm hoping to do a post on the spiders tomorrow and will be back in the week with pics of my swap goodies unwrapped

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  1. I really enjoyed this swap Claire. The little bears are fiddly to make, but so cute.
    Chocolate spiders sound fun, can`t wait to see them.