Tuesday, 4 October 2011

September Picture Scavenger Hunt

September's Photo List-phew just made it in time

Something taller than me............

I took a few different shots for this one, the London Eye, some buildings etc.....but then came across Rodney at Gatwick Airport.....well it's not everyday you meet a teddy bear taller than you, so I couldn't resist.

A road sign...............

Well a street sign really, and I was in very good company taking this picture as it seemed the 'touristy' (is that a word??) thing to do.  And whilst on Portobello Road we paid a trip to the Hummingbird Bakery, oh my goodness their cakes were devine.  Even my gluten free red velvet cake was soft and fluffy and Mr N hadn't realised it was gluten free, it was that good.

A view from above..........

When I saw the list for this month this was the one I knew I'd have no problem taking.  You can't get much higher than this, on our way to our happy holidays.  Mr N took this as he had the window seat and thinks he took this whilst we were still over England


Well just one, a hat I made for my goddaughter, but don't have a picture of her in it yet as we've been having surprisingly good weather for this time of year 

Back to school...........

As I have no children, back to school in September means holiday time for me and the husband :)  We love to go away at this time of year for a bit of sun before winter and this was our September trip to Jamaica.


The last of our garden crops, harvested when we got back from holiday


Mr N relaxing in a hammock on our hols


My crafting workspace with my armchair 'nest' holder, bought for my birthday from a very good friend

Football Season.............

Mr N's well used goalie gloves and knee pads and his trusty Everton top, always worn on a match day

The contents of my bag..........
A tissue, Mr N's inhaler, a pen, lipgloss, newly purchased crochet hook, alcohol gel (peeking out of the pocket), and receipts....must de-clutter them

A pile of things.............

Well this photo featured in a Sept blog post about de-cluttering a pile of things on top of my microwave, now de-cluttered and still nice and clear....i'm still following flyladys advice and working through the clutter
A public phone box.............

Well I forgot this one so took one of my not so public telephone box keyring, that was a present when my mother-in-law recently visited London, taken in my fruit basket as it justr made the photo more colourful!!

That's it for September's List, must get started on October 


  1. Great photos, I love the back to school and relaxation ones.

  2. Hello, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my Scavenger Hunt post. Love the tall teddy bear and your back to school and relaxation photos:)

  3. Lovely shots - love relaxation...aaaaaahhhhh!!!

  4. tell mr N I want that hammock, love your photos

  5. Thanks for your comments, it's lovely to have people visiting. Jane, Mr N wants that hammock for our home as well, he spent most of our holiday in it :)

  6. That holiday looks wonderful - the hammock is a great idea!

  7. Thanks Alison, it was very relaxing :)